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Your prescription

You will find our prices extremely competitive. We haven’t joined the rush to supply all and everything online, believing that we can fulfil the requirements of a market that to date has been largely ignored. We realise that many people have a perfectly good spare frame, but with out-of-date lenses.

Understanding your prescription

When you visit an Ophthalmic Optician for an eye test you will receive a prescription to correct your eyesight. The Optician is obliged by law to give this to you. Unfortunately this prescription does not give any further essential measurements. This is left to the dispenser, who fills in these extra measurements if you purchase a frame at the same time.

The main missing measurement (in millimetres) is the PD. The distance between the pupils of your eyes. We can establish this PD by measuring the centres of the lenses in your own frame. If you previously wore bifocals with the frame you send, we will place the reading segs in the same position as before.


When sending your frame please check it is in worthwhile condition, some plastic frames become brittle with age, (we will tighten the odd loose screw and set up) and is securely protected against damage when packing.

Unfortunately, we cannot take responsiblity for frames received damaged in the post.

The large graphic above is an example of prescriptions currently in use today.

We apply the information from above to fit the new lenses to your frame.

You can either send us your original prescription or a copy. No problem, we will return your prescription with your completed glasses.