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Computing Lenses

Computing lens


Many computer users over the age of 40 who wear glasses have a problem with getting sharp focus on the screen in front of them. The reason for this is that distance lenses will carry our focus beyond the screen and reading lenses will focus before reaching the screen.

So, many of us using bifocals, raise our heads to look through the reading portion, which may initially seem satisfactory. However, after some time of intense computer work and subconciously trying to focus we have tired eyes.

Varifocal wearers have the same problem, with the intermediate section in such a small area of the lens you have to drop or raise your head by trying to keep your eyes in focus through this small section.



We have found the answer to this is a high quality single vision lens with power compensated to give sharp focus to the computer screen for any ophthalmic prescription we receive, suitable for plus or minus lens wearers. This gives a larger area of lens to look through, always in focus. The lenses are fully coated for anti-reflection/glare.

Please note:
These lenses are not suitable for outside use.

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£38 using your own frame, £45 with one of our fashionable unisex frames

*Prices include a frame case.
*If stock changes, similar or better quality of the same frame design will be used.

Anti-Reflection coat (Included)
Anti-Scratch coat FREE

Payment can be made by cheque, or through PayPal.

Lenses we supply and fit are calculated from your prescription to give you much sharper vision to your computer screen. They are anti-reflection coated, but are not tinted as this can give a false colour perception.
See prescription page for more info.

The frames we can supply are fashionable, light weight and chosen to suit the purpose they are intended for.

Metal-rimmed frame

Metal-rimmed frame

Semi-rimless frame

Metal-rimmed frame

If ordering frame and lenses complete we need to know the distance between your eye pupils. The way to achieve this is to stand approximately 30cm in front of a mirror wearing your regular glasses, and with a marker pen accurately dot the pupil of the eye you are looking into, then do the same with the other eye. The actual reflective distance will be eye-to-screen distance.

Measure the distance between the two dots in millimetres and send this measurement to us with your prescription. We will do your lens centres from this.