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Single Vision

Currently the D28 bifocal (as illustrated) is the main standard bifocal prescribed for most patients who prefer them. We are able to provide other bifocal types if required, still matching previous seg positions.

Lens powers available:
+SPH to +6.00 CYL to -3.00
-SPH to -6.00 CYL to +3.00
Maximum reading add +3.00


For reducing reflection rings on high minus lenses, also for night driving, but the main benefit is cutting out reflected light from the front surface of the lens.


A coating on the front and back surfaces of the lens giving protection.

Transition Lenses

A tint built into the lens during manufacture, darkens in bright days or sunlight then lightening indoors or on dark days.

Tinted Lenses

Available in grey or brown or can be tinted to your requirements.

Example of lens tints.

Depth of tint:
A = Lightest Tint
B = Middle Tint
C = Dark sunglass tint.

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Cost (£40)

Optional extras

(In addition to the standard lens price).

Straight top D28 seg. Other types available by quotation.

Light Tinted Lens A £5
Darker Tinted Lenses B and C
(Incorporate UV protection)
Anti-Reflection coat £18
Anti-Scratch coat FREE
Thinner and lighter lenses
(Beneficial for appearance on thicker lenses)
Transition Lens £50