Prism Optical Services UK. Established in Optics since 1960.


About us

We are a family firm of manufacturing opticians based in Suffolk and have been completing prescriptions for Ophthalmic (High Street) Opticians for over 40 years and have decided now is the time to bring our expertise online.

Most Internet spectacle suppliers offer a completely new frame and lenses to prescription. This is fine with lower-power prescriptions, but supplying new lenses to an empty frame without seeing you in person, amounts to guesswork on their part. Each lens has an optical centre, which, in higher lens powers should be accurately placed in front of the eye pupil.

With bifocial lenses it is essential that the reading segment is placed correctly. Incorrectly placed reading segments on bifocals will cause the wearer irritation i.e. eyestrain and neck ache by trying to read through a bifocal segment that is set too low or too high.

Most people have spare comfortable glasses still fashionable and we are able to accurately copy the existing centres of reading seg positions, even on Varifocals. Also, because you have no frame to pay for, the overall costs are reduced.

Tired eyes after using a computer? Find out more about our prescription computer lenses. Available using an existing frame or one of our fashionable unisex frames.Do you want to save money? New lens with your own prescription, fitted into your own frame. Delivery three to five days from receipt.

K.L. of Gloucester writes...

Thank you for a prompt and courteous service. Did exactly what it said on the tin. I am delighted with the Glasses and only wish I had discovered your services sooner than I did.